Edward (Ed) Harrison Norton is an American filmmaker and actor. Norton was born on the 18th of August 18, 1969, in Boston. He grew up in Columbia, Maryland.

Norton became interested in acting since the age of five. He moved to New York City to start his career as an actor. In 1994, he was given a role in a production of Albee’s Fragment. His filming career took off with his performance in the movie Primal Fear in 1996 with Richard Gere. The role he played in the movie gained him an Academy Award nomination for Best supporting actor. In 1996, he also starred in Woody Allen’s romantic comedy ‘Everyone Says I Love You’ in 1996 and in ‘The People vs. Larry Flint’ in the same year.  Edward Norton has starred in many movies including; fight Club in 1999, Red Dragon in 2002, ‘25th grand Budapest Hotel’ in 2014. He has also worked on several scripts like; score in 2001, ‘Frida’ in 2002 and the incredible ‘Hulk’ in 2008. He has also directed and co-written movies such as ‘keeping the Faith’ and many more. He also starred in stone in 2010, ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ in 2012, also in ‘Bourne Legacy’ in 2012 as a former CIA agent. He also appeared in the movie ‘Collateral Beauty’ in 2016 where he played as a coworker of a grieving father. He also voiced a role in the animated movie the Isle of Dogs in 2018.

Apart from being an actor and filmmaker, Ed Norton is an activist. A social as well as an environmental activist. He is also a member of the board of trustee of Enterprise Community partners. The enterprise Community partner is a non-profit organization formed by Ed Norton’s Grandfather; it is aimed at making housing affordable and easily accessible. Ed Norton ran to raise money for trust in New York and he also raises money for charity through Crowdrise, a social networking community.