Aasif Mandvi is the lead actor, producer and co-writer of the four-episode American web series “Halal in the Family” by Sweet 18 Productions which addresses Islamophobia through parody and satire. The series won the Peabody-Facebook Futures of Media Award in 2016 and got a whopping 500 Million media impressions within days of launch.

Aasif Mandvi is notably a Peabody Award-winning actor, writer, creator, comedian, author, and producer. Born in Mumbai on March 5, 1966, Aasif Mandvi moved to England with his family when he was just a year old. At 16, they moved again but this time to Tampa Florida where he got a degree in Theatre from the University of South Florida. He had a brief stint as a performer at Disney-MGM Studios at Walt Disney World Resort before going over to New York City, where he began appearing in off-Broadway productions.

Known for his work as a correspondent in the multiple Emmy award-winning show, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Mandvi established his presence in New York theatre under the guidance of pre-eminent performance teacher, Wynn Handman. With Wynn, he was able to develop and create his admired one-man show, Sakina’s Restaurant, which premiered at the American Place Theatre and earned him quite deservedly an Obie Award. He is currently making plans at the Minetta Lane Theatre to bring this production back to life.

Mandvi has featured in hundreds of movies and TV shows in the years since he started his career. In the feature film “Drunk Parents”, he starred alongside Alec Baldwin and Salma Hayek and in the Garry Marshall feature, “Mother’s Day”, he appeared alongside notable stars Kate Hudson, Jennifer Aniston, and Julia Roberts. He has also written and been featured in several other productions including Today’s Special which premiered at the London Film Festival and the HBO series “The Brink”. Admirably, he won the audience award for “Today’s Special” at The Palm Springs Film Festival, proof that people indeed loved what he was doing. Mandvi has also had supporting roles in several movies including Dark Horse, The Internship, Premium Rush, Movie 43, The Dictator, A Kid Like Jake and Gods Behaving Badly.

Mandvi wrote a collection of personal stories titled No Land’s Man for Chronicle Books which is a book filled with passion and humor that tells stories about his family, ambition, desire, culture and his rise to the top. A humanitarian at heart, he engages in numerous charity works with his wife.