The Australian Pink Floyd Show (TAPFS) formed in Adelaide, South Australia in 1988. They began doing local, low-maintenance gigs as a Pink Floyd tribute band, but had little success in drawing crowds. They eventually decided to relocate to the UK in pursuit of greater success. It was here they began to take off, and became the first Pink Floyd tribute band to tour the UK in 1993, starting off with the first International Pink Floyd Fan Convention at Wembley Convention Centre. They have been hailed by various sources as one of the best Pink Floyd cover bands and continue to tour the world.

Having sold over four million tickets in concerts that have taken place in 35 countries, The Australian Pink Floyd Show is rightfully hailed as one of the most in demand touring entities currently operating; The Times described them as “The Gold Standard”.

The band has spent a long time getting to this level; the years have been invested in getting things right: the sound, the feel, the experience. TAPFS have constantly striven to seek out new audiences and turn in jaw-dropping performances to reconnect people with the music that they love.

Allegedly, they are the only Pink Floyd tribute band to have recreated David Gilmour’s guitar set up, including the rare box used to create the whale sounds in Echoes (of which only four are said to exist, the other three being owned by Gilmour).

The band have performed at David Gilmour’s 50th birthday in 1996, and on November 26th 2001, played at the Royal Albert Hall in London, being joined with the choir from Islington Green School for a rendition of Another Brick in The Wall (Part 2). Roger Waters is reported to have attended this performance.