Trey Anastasio was born Ernest Joseph Anastasio III on the 30th of September 1964. Ernest is a singer, songwriter, guitarist and composer. He was the lead guitarist for Phish, a rock band which he co-founded in 1983. Ernest was the composer of about 152 of Phish songs. Anastasio was raised in Forth Worth, Texas. He enrolled in the Princeton Public School and Princeton Day School. After high school he went to the University of Vermont and Goddard College. At the University of Vermont, he met the band members Jon Fishman, Jeff Holdsworth, and Mike Gordon. The band played their first gig at a cafeteria in University of Vermont.

The band Phish is known for their wide range of music genres and electrifying live performances. Mike Gordon is a bassist and vocalist, Jon Fishman is a vocalist and drummer, and Page McConnell plays the keyboard. Trey Anastasio began his solo career in 2004, he was featured on ‘’True Love’’ an album that was released by ‘’Toots and the Maytals. The album won the Grammy Award and featured other notable musicians like Manu Chao, Bonnie Raitt, Gwen Stefani, Jackie Jackson, Ken Boothe and more.

Trey Anastasio released an instrumental album in 2007, titled ‘’Horseshoe Curve’’. In 2008, he also debuted ‘’Time Turns Elastic’’ an orchestral epic which was co-created by Don Hart. Trey Anastasio is very talented with the guitar. Trey Anastasio is influenced by Jimi Hendrix, Robert Fripp, Pat Metheny, Frank Zappa, and John McLaughlin.

Trey Anastasio got married to Susan Statesir and they had two beautiful girls Isabella and Eliza together. Trey Anastasio career almost collapsed when he was stopped for violating traffic rules on December 15, 2006. He was arrested for possession of drugs, and intoxicated while driving. He pleaded guilty and he spent about 14 months doing community service, drug testing and daily meetings. He completed his phases in the drug court and graduated. After the experience, he joined National Association of Drug Court Professional (NADCP) to assist them in raising money and create awareness. Trey Anastasio received Grammy nominations and has worked with artists like Dave Matthews, Herbie Hancock, Carlos Santana, and more.