Toad the Wet Sprocket is an American alternative rock band with a folk-pop sound and a string of hits throughout the 1990s.

The group was formed in 1986 in Santa Barbara, California by members Glen Phillips, Todd Nichols, Dean Dinning, and Randy Guss. They spent a couple of years polishing their sound at local bars before recording Bread and Circus, their debut. The LP took only eight days to record and cost a meager $650 in production. Somehow, the album landed on the desk of executives at Columbia, who signed the band and shortly after re-issued Bread and Circus under the label’s wing.

In 1990, Toad put out their second album, Pale, but their commercial breakthrough did not come until 1991’s Fear, after the single “All I Want” became a Top 20 hit. Another song from that album, “Walk on the Ocean,” achieved a similar level of success and pushed Fear to platinum sales. Dulcinea followed in 1994 with the popular singles “Fall Down” and “Something’s Always Wrong.”

In Light Syrup, the band’s fourth studio album, hit stores in 1995. Its hit single “Good Intentions” was featured on the Friends soundtrack and enjoyed substantial commercial success. The band ultimately parted ways in 1998 after 1997’s Coil failed to garner the success of previous albums. In the mid 2000s, however, Toad came back together for several tours thanks to the success of lead singer Glen Phillips’ solo work. In 2010, the band official reunited, performing shows and putting out re-releases before 2013’s New Constellation, an album funded by fans through an online campaign.

Toad still performs regularly and can be booked for private parties and corporate entertainment events.