U2 is one of the most well-known bands in the world. The band was formed in 1976. U2’s first name was ‘’Feedback’’ after which they changed it to ‘’The Hype’’. In 1977, they played their first gig at St Fintan’s High School. Despite several ups and downs, the band didn’t give up. In 1978, they won a contest where they were awarded £500 and studio time to produce their record. The need to look for a manager emerged and they chose Paul McGuiness as their band manager.

U2 released their first single in 1979, and it was at the top of national charts. That same year, they made a trip to London for shows outside Ireland but getting positive attention from fans an musicians was not easy. After several times of trying to have a large fan base they won their first international contract in 1980. Their first album ‘’Boy’’ was released in October 1980, the album got positive reviews from their fans.

Faith and religion almost caused a split of the band, but after some time they realized their style of music would not have to influence their religious life. Since the formation of the band, their music style has been distinct and original, their melodic instrumentals are expressive and well emphasized. The band’s lyrics and themes are always social and political. Their songs are sometimes influenced by what is trending at a particular time, songs such as Silver and Gold, Sunday Bloody Sunday, are some of the songs influenced by current happenings.

Since the start of the band, they have been collaborating with other artists, politicians, musicians, and celebrities to put an end to diseases, injustice, poverty and more. The band has sold more than 170 million records, their first Grammy Award was won in 1988, out of 47 nominations, they won 22 awards which has never been achieved by any other band. The current member of the band are Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton, and Larry Mullen Jr. U2 has sold about US$1.67 billion in ticket sales between 1990 to 2016, and their net worth is estimated at €647 million as at 2018. The band is still waxing strong till date with their unique style of music.