Eddie Jerome Vedder (born Edward Louis Severson III; December 23, 1964) is an American musician, multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter best known as the lead vocalist, one of three guitarists, and the lyricist of the American rock band Pearl Jam. He is known for his powerful baritone vocals. He also appeared as a guest vocalist in Temple of the Dog, the one-off tribute band dedicated to the late singer Andrew Wood. Vedder has been ranked at number 7 on a list of “Best Lead Singers of All Time”, compiled by Rolling Stone.

In 2007, Vedder released his first solo album as a soundtrack for the film Into the Wild (2007). His second album Ukulele Songs and a live DVD titled Water on the Road were released in 2011.

In 2017, Vedder was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of Pearl Jam.

In addition to his musical projects, Vedder is one of the industry’s most vocal activists. In 2006, he and his bandmates created the Vitalogy Foundation, non-profit organization that supports programs in the fields of community health, the environment, education and social change. Additionally, Vedder co-founded the EB Research Partnership, which raises funds and awareness for a childhood skin disorder.

The singer was also a high-profile supporter of the West Memphis Three, a trio of teenagers imprisoned for the murders of three boys in 1993. Drawn in by a 1996 documentary that brought to light a disorganized investigation and inconclusive evidence, Vedder performed benefit concerts for the defendants. After the introduction of new forensic evidence, the West Memphis Three earned their release in 2011.