Scott Stapp is the former lead singer of Creed who embarked on a solo career following the band’s split in 2005.

Stapp grew up in Florida, where he began playing music with guitarist Mark Tremonti while attending Florida State University. Joining forces with drummer Scott Phillips, bassist Brian Marshall, and guitarist Brian Brasher, the group began playing together and writing songs for Creed’s first album.

My Own Prison hit the shelves in 1997, immediately becoming a hit in Florida and landing the band a deal with Wind-Up Records. The success of My Own Prison was eclipsed in 1999 by Human Clay, an album which went platinum 11 times and yielded the popular ballad “With Arms Wide Open.” Creed followed up with 2001’s Weathered, though the band ultimately broke up while on tour for that album, reportedly due to personal disagreements with Stapp.

Stapp, to his credit, immediately began a solo career following the dismantling of Creed. The Great Divide (2005) went certified platinum and led to a number of tours. In 2009, it was announced that Creed had reunited. The band released Full Circle and went on to tour for the next two years. Stapp continued working on his solo projects, coming out with Proof of Life in 2013. Despite–or because of– his success, Stapp faced addiction and mental health issues in the years following the album. After a brief stint with Art of Anarchy and an appearance on their 2017 album The Madness, Stapp took some time to focus on his recovery.

In 2019, Stapp returned with The Space Between the Shadows, an LP centered on themes of redemption and recovery. Stapp performs shows regularly, and is often booked for private parties and corporate entertainment events.