On Your Feet

On Your Feet will add to the energy and learning that you’ve already envisioned for your upcoming event with one of their interactive keynotes.
This entertaining group will customize keynotes to address the needs of your specific audience, delivering a combination of performance and experiences that get audiences on their feet, interacting with each other, and absorbing key takeaways in a memorable way.Since 1996, OYF has been sharing the power of improv to make work and life better at conferences all over the world for clients such as Nike, GE, Xerox, Daimler, Pfizer, Procter & Gamble, Intel, Converse, and Disney.All the members of On Your Feet are improviser – and more! OYF includes people with professional backgrounds in HR, marketing, film and television, visual arts, business education, and vast non-profit experience – not to mention a snow cone baron! We’re headquartered in Portland, Oregon, with satellites in Minneapolis and New York City.


Interactive Keynotes

On Your Feet has been delivering interactive keynotes that are both entertaining and educational for over two decades. Happy repeat-clients include Nike, GE, Intel, NBC, and many others. OYF’s customized keynotes use Applied Improvisation to get audiences up on their feet and interacting with one another in ways that are fun, memorable, and relevant to your real-world business.


  • Collaboration: Three facilitators will lead participants through fun, simple experiences with tools from one of the most collaborative of all art forms—improvisational theater. Our performers will teach the basics of improv collaboration to your audience and guide you through applying these new skills to your real-world collaboration challenges. These skills can be used with both internal and external partners. On Your Feet’s energetic, interactive keynotes leave audiences excited about new collaborative possibilities!
  • Storytelling for Brands: You can have the greatest product or proposal in the world, but to get buy-in, it’s essential to connect with people’s emotions. No medium can touch both emotion and intellect better than Story, which happens to be improvisers’ main product! On Your Feet teams of trained improvisers can teach you tools from the world of improv to quickly create and deliver stories that keep audiences engaged and entertained. These interactive keynotes allow your audience to play with their new skills and even apply them to real-world use cases!
  • Bringing your Content to Life: On Your Feet’s ensemble of trained improvisers can bring many initiatives and scenarios to life, making even serious business content entertaining. Rather than launching your next program with an epic PowerPoint, On Your Feet can bring your content to life through a series of brief scenarios to spark the conversation and learning you’re after. These scenarios often involve in-depth audience participation, possibly keeping them more engaged than they would be for a 97-slide deck!
  • Creativity and Innovation: Improvisers know plenty about on-the-spot innovation and creativity. On Your Feet can teach the creativity building blocks of improv to audiences of any size. Then, OYF facilitator-improvisers will help you apply this creativity to your real problem-solving challenges. After an hour of laughter and learning, your audience will walk out of this experience with fresh ideas for your business—and new skills to generate even more!

If you have a keynote topic in mind that’s not listed here, On Your Feet customizes keynotes on an even wider range of subjects. Additionally, On Your Feet can provide other services for your event, such as emceeing, facilitating networking opportunities, providing energizing opportunities, and creating an improvised recap of your entire event in 15 minutes!