Sugarland is a trio of songwriters from Atlanta, Georgia, who achieved success with their richly layered country sound.

Each of the members of Sugarland had been successful as solo artists prior to their creation of the band. Kristian Bush, vocalist and instrumentalist, was formerly half of the popular duo Billy Pilgrim, Jennifer Nettles had been the lead singer of Soul Miner’s Daughter, and Kristen Hall had already released two solo albums with Windham Hill Records. Bringing their individual talents together in 2002, the three artists released their EP of demo recordings, Premium Quality Tunes.

Sugarland generated a buzz around their music with their live performances, and were subsequently signed with Mercury Nashville. Their multi-platinum debut, Twice the Speed of Life, was released in 2004 and met with acclaim. In 2005, Kristen Hall left the group to continue her solo career, but Nettles and Bush went on to release a wildly successful second album, Enjoy the Ride, in 2006.

In 2008, Suglarland convinced Mercury Nashville to allow them to co-produce their own album, resulting in the rich, organic record Love on the Inside, which produced three chart-topping singles. The duo blew up in 2009 when they were featured on the television special Live on the Inside, and won Grammy Awards for Best Country Song and Best Country Performance. 2010 saw the release of Sugarland’s fourth studio album, The Incredible Machine, which was influenced by the “steampunk movement.” The album soon went platinum with the Top 20 pop hit “Stuck Like Glue.

During the band’s hiatus, Bush released the solo single “Love or Money,” and Nettles released a single as well as a solo album, That Girl, in 2014. The two reunited at the Country Music Association Awards in 2017, releasing a new single “Still the Same” that year. Sugarland performs shows regularly and are often booked for corporate events and private parties.