Miles O'Brien
Emmy Award winning reporter, science & tech expert, host, moderator & speaker
Katie Linendoll
Emmy Award Winning TV Personality, Writer & Global Tech Expert
On Your Feet
High-energy Improv Act
Custom performance solutions for meetings, P.R. & marketing applications
Fun, interactive, brand game for convention, conference or event
Improv Under Hypnosis
High-Tech Blacklight Illusion Performance Troupe
Fiercely original bass-and-beatbox-driven funk/pop a cappella band
Cyber-illusionist combines technology and magic
RAVI DRUMS DJ remixes combined with impactful live percussion
Grammy Award-Winning Violinist Fusing Classical Music With Hip-Hop
America's Got Talent Finalist & Illusionist Extraordinaire
High-Energy Video Remix DJ
Mixed-Media Painter, Installation artist
Multimedia creators and technology experts, visual and immersive storytellers
Entertainment technology: Cutting-edge, electrifying choreography
Grammy & Tony nominated lead from Broadway's 'Movin’ Out'
Award-Winning Comedy Duo, With Chainsaws!
America's Got Talent Finalist, Futuristic Sculptural Music
Katy Perry
American pop singer and songwriter
Diana Ross
Motown's most successful act
Sheryl Crow
Rock/Country cross-over artist
American Rock Band
Jay Leno
Observational Comedian Extraordinaire
Book Kelly Clarkson Pop Country Star Corporate Event
American singer and songwriter